In the current context of the Coronavirus pandemic, Le Domaine Saint-François is committed to welcoming you in complete safety:

  • Each member of staff takes care of his health and that of his relatives by respecting barrier gestures in all situations of his personal life and in contacts with guests.
  • We undertake to place our accommodation in fourteen in case of suspicion of cases of COVID-19 concerning us or our relatives.
  • We take care of our guests by guaranteeing the application of the recommendations and regulations of the public authorities in terms of pandemic adapted to our accommodation.
  • We air and set aside our accommodation between two rentals for a period of time adapted to its disinfection methods.
  • We reinforce the cleaning and disinfection of the common areas (including swimming pool) and adapt them to the requirements and recommendations of the health authorities.
  • We provide our guests with the products necessary for the application of barrier gestures or the disinfection of the accommodation during their stay.
  • We inform our guests of the specific measures and commitments we apply for the sanitary management of our accommodation and the respect of social distancing.
  • We welcome and leave our guests by limiting the time of physical contact to what is strictly necessary while preserving the sense of hospitality that is typical of the Domaine Saint-François.
  • Where necessary, we adapt the services we offer to health requirements and government decisions.
  • We share with our guests all the information and knowledge we have about the shops, local producers and tourist places nearby that are committed like us to greater sanitary safety.

This charter, which is our priority today, commits us to respect the rules of recommendation and regulation of the public authorities as well as the specific hygiene measures in the event of a pandemic linked to the Coronavirus.